10 Arguments For Decentralization

3 min readApr 27, 2020
Soldiers and Students, Jacob Lawrence, 1962

It’s more or less obvious that there are two main types of bureaucrats we have to deal with: technologically ignorant, which put our lives in danger and technologically savvy, which put in danger our rights.

All in all, specially in the light of latest events, replacing bureaucrats with smart contract code and “political representatives” with consensus based algorithmic systems of direct voting do not seem so outrageous anymore to more people today than a couple of months ago (allegedly, of course).

Here’s 10 ‘whys’ we might want to do that ASAP:

1) even the most primitive algorithms can assure the continuation of crucial long-term policies (like preparing for the next virus outbreak) much better than politically motivated operators;

2) the legal system, which is based on smart contracts — not rigid “laws”, some of which are already more than 100 years old, is infinitely more flexible and adaptable to constantly changing social and economic environments;

3) direct voting systems, realized on DLT platforms, allow to engage financial stimuluses, to drastically increase voters participation and to bypass monstrously slow and inherently corrupt system of “representatives” (specially, in the case of some vital decisions, which directly affect lives of millions of people);

4) forking mechanisms, realized for such types of systems, allow to avoid stalemates as well as direct, often physical confrontations preventing long-term damage to societal fabric by creating several parallel and competing scenarios simultaneously enacted within the same political system;

5) DLT systems’ data and transactions readily available for analysis significantly reduces the risk of misconduct, double-dealing and outright frauds, which became an indispensable characteristic of all types of political systems, which are based on elected or forcefully installed governance agents;

6) wide adaption of the decentralized, inflation free, globally and freely accessible universal currency enhances consumers saving habits, helps to avoid (or at least to some extend shields population from) currencies wars, facilitate world’s commerce and serves as a better (than fiat currencies) foundation for long-term economic prosperity;

7) ability of all market participants to issue “private money” protected by strong cryptographic protocols is better alternative to central banks’ propagated “quantitative easing” because it’s a more direct mechanism to inject liquidity into world economy and stimulate consumer demand simultaneously avoiding oversaturations of assets markets;

8) decentralizing decision making processes eliminates “centers of power” and helps to avoid “negative selection” preventing the rise of demagogues, political manipulators and sociopaths to the top of social pyramids;

9) DLT technologies allow to organically fuse mathematics with social dynamics allowing for a drastic reduction in politically motivated violence;

10) emphasis on DLT technologies in politics and social decision makings leads to a crucial shift from “ideologies” to the technical efficiency in our civilizational paradigm, which currently is largely defined by series of kinetic confrontations between proponents of rule by “elite” (conservatives) and rule by “demos” (liberals).

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