10 Dangerous Lessons

1) Authoritarian governments are more effective in fighting emergencies than more politically open countries;

2) World economy do not really need so many people to be permanently employed;

3) For the great majority of world’s population obedience and compliance suppress their survival instincts;

5) Knee-jerking, irrational but highly emotionally appealing, fast-track solutions are wholeheartedly embraced by politically motivated elite;

6) Government and corporate bureaucracies’ natural reaction to large scale crisis is to expand its power even if it leads to the complete erosion of the fundamental principles on which global, successful societies are based;

7) An older generation of politicians and corporate bureaucrats tend to use sudden crises to promptly close all doors to their younger competitors and innovative ideas;

8) Ruling bureaucracies across the world have become homogeneous and almost simultaneous in their choices of technological methods of mass surveillance and opposition control;

9) Economic and political interests of middle-class citizens as well as of small and medium businesses owners are readily sacrificed by politicians to pacify the populace and satisfy growing demands of new corporate and hereditary aristocracy;

10) The governments’ success is measured by how strong and decisive are their leaders rather than how technologically advanced and efficient are their systems.

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