Ampleforth Vision Review and SVET Rating

2 min readDec 15, 2020


Ampleforth has unique characteristics, which allows BOND to maintain its price fix, acting as a stable coin, and, at the same time, increases its value for hodlers while they continue to receive more BOND as its market cap grows. (Singularity is a).

In fact, from many respects on a micro-economical level, BOND is the closest thing we have to the Bancor — the so-called, ‘supranational currency’ that John Keynes and his colleagues came about in the 1940–1942.

According to their idea after-war world would need Bankor to help the governments to subdue international finance to their complete control by eliminate cross-border capital fly in case of lowering local interest rates during the depression periods.

Quote (wiki): ‘Gold could be exchanged for bancors, but bancors could not be exchanged for gold. Individuals could not hold or trade in bancor. All international trade would be valued and cleared in bancor. Surplus countries with excess bancor assets and deficit countries with excess bancor liabilities would both be charged to provide symmetrical incentives on them to take action to restore balanced trade.’

And here’s the key of Keynes’ technical proposition (quote): ‘Each item a member country exported would add bancors to its ICB account, and each item it imported would subtract bancors.’ All settlements between countries state banks supposed to be a function of the monstrous clearing system — the International Clearing Union.

I would argue that Ampleforth creators copy-pasted AMPL blue-prints directly from Keynes and Co code books :)

Of course, it doesn’t mean that BOND has a better chance than, say, BTC to become the next world’s reserve currency. For that it’s not a good enough ‘store of value’ because (as Bankor itself) it’s a subject of constant inflation.

On the other hand, however, it can be used as an unit of accounts in inter-companies cross-border settlements, specially inside of large and geographically dispersed consortium. (Volume is b). From that regards the Timing for such experimentations is a bit off for Ampleforth and is set to b-.

As to the Empathy (a) it’s curious how much of that can be gained among our community by the UoA, coming from such a sinister stock. However, at present, I’m sharing that sympathies with most analytics in our market, providing, of course, Ampleforth starts not to move into the top five coins by its capitalization.

Result for Ampleforth Vision (Singularity — Volume — Empathy — Timing): a / b / a / b-

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