Are VCs Back With A Vengeance?

Author: Marc Chagall

The long-term members of this group shall remember that 2–3 years ago I was repeatedly citing PWC Reports on VC investments into crypto-startups. At that time PWC was one of the few main-stream agents addressing crypto market fundamentals.

Today I can go to Bloomberg for that :)

Quote: ‘In the first quarter, 129 startups focusing on the digital technology known as blockchain raised about $2.6 billion … That’s more than in all of 2020, when they attracted $2.3 billion in 341 deals … .’

Compare to my post as of April 2019, which says: ‘PWC concludes that deals market has dropped (2018 to 2019) .. from USD 3.72 billion to 2.24 billion (40%) … It means that market (is shifting) from small-caps (to) mid and big-caps … .’

Looks like we are about to enter into the New All-Caps VCs Deal Era :)


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