The Blockchain Trap?

Deer hunting, Frans Snyders

Past couple of years the so-called ‘enterprise blockchains’ have been a repeating theme of my many reviews (f.e. series of articles about Big Four DLT ‘competencies’).

At this stage, all of our ingenious enthusiasms about that wider corporate assimilation of blockchains could sparkle crypto-currencies’ main-stream adaption is already gone, being replaced by a ‘cold realization’ that for this to happen will require no less than a fundamental legislative reform, establishing the fundamental right for financial privacy and decriminalizing consumers / businesses behavior aimed at creation and transmitting digital means of storing and transacting assets values.

As a result, I do not think that there are many among us left who expect this ‘assimilation’ to happen, say, tomorrow or, at very least, the day after it :)

Sure, some omnipotent entities, including, notably, the ‘Ethereum Alliance’, continue to elegantly dance with regulators but, increasingly, those exercises remind me a desperate struggle for survival rather than a strive for excellence.

Still, after stumbling on a Cointelegraph publication, produced by an author, who claims ‘two-decade career at Microsoft’, I can’t restrain myself from expressing again my admiration with a stubbornness of corporate consultants, which continue to push their clients into blockchain ‘trap’ no matter costs.

This time an author (judging by his lingual acrobatics skills — a consultant himself) tries to force-feed his readers the ‘main steps that would help to accelerate the adoption of blockchain capabilities at the enterprise level’.

He names seven of those: economic incentives; it’s not a “legacy applications”; new architecture (building a corporate ‘economy’); ‘token taxonomy’; change management (adapting ‘game’ theory); institutional economic (again?); ‘tokenization’ (zic!).

I have no clue why from author’s point of view it should be seven arguments, instead of just one — crypto-currencies. Obviously, it has nothing to do with corps main-stream’s ban on this terrifying word.

Regardless, the question is, how in the world what author claims to be ‘an economic platform’ is shielded from gradually progressing into a ‘going to the Guantanamo Camp’ platform, specially as lawmakers continue to raise the hell about crypto-currencies ‘threat’ to ‘our international power’.


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Angel Investor (20+ years), Serial Entrepreneur (14+ companies), Author (> 1M views), Founder of Evernomics, 40+ Countries

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Angel Investor (20+ years), Serial Entrepreneur (14+ companies), Author (> 1M views), Founder of Evernomics, 40+ Countries