Evernomics Against Sociopaths

4 min readNov 29, 2021
SVET is Light, by Svet and Victor

Vocal apologists of socialists theories — hereditary politicians as well as career academicians, mostly — can’t face the obvious fact that endemic realties on a ground stand in a striking contradiction to their outdated world-views. They ignore a historical evidence that big governments’ machines, which those power-hungry individuals keep selling to peoples as their last line of defense against advancing monsters of free markets and new technologies, are not only distressingly ineffective but also increasingly threatening to the human existence.

On the other side of the right-left ideological rift, their outlandishly arrogant and equally aged opponents — govs bureaucrats, big-corporate execs and grants-sponsored scholars, belonging to one of hundreds varieties of main-stream utilitarian economics schools — continue to cheerfully riding their expansion-contractions cycles’ marry-go-round with no regards to long-term consequences of their selfish and astonishingly short-sited actions.

At the same time, both of those camps have in common one particular trait — a disdain to an individual and his / her natural needs (except, of course, to those of their personal-owns). Today, all aging sociopaths across the globe have ended up to be united against the freedom of self-expression, which is dear to all of us — makers, inventors, developers, originators, engineers, architects, designers, producers, growers, entrepreneurs, authors, creators — to everyone, who, day-by-day, serve peoples’ needs and provide their staff.

Those old maniacs are appeared to be more fixed than ever before in the human history on their delusional quest to set the whole world up according to their standards (each having their own, of course). In those ever lasting crusades, where each of the sides fights for countless ‘right causes’, the only victory is getting more power to psychopaths under the pretext of ‘getting a better government’, and the only victims are millions of ‘bystanders’ with their simplest desires to feed their families and to shelter them form winds, rains and snows.

The contemporary gigantic mass-media propaganda machine has made those right-left artificial Constructs a household item for which family members have to fight each-other in order to satisfy a growing bureaucratic appetite for all-embracing control over our thoughts, words and actions.

As the twenty century, with its non-stop ‘wars-on-abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz’, matures in its 20th, it becomes more obvious that the world-unity is equal to the world-insanity. We can’t implement the one-size-fits-all world-system without getting rid of, at least, halve of the humanity, which can not and will not fit into that size by a virtue of its birth.

One-presidential-campaign-long solutions to a worlds’ mess are good for the only one thing — getting electoral votes. On the other side, autocratic regimes are predominantly excelling in producing oil, arms and fears. All of the rest of us sit still united by police force and border patrols but hopelessly divided by our own nature. What can go wrong?

Would the inevitable disintegration, when the humanity will be brought apart by the infallible force of the entropy to wide varieties of more or less populous factions, tribes, communities etc., happen chaotically or voluntarily, by technological design, is the only thing left for us to decide.

Evernomics considers a given set of individuals characters to be the main force behind all human-driven events in the Universe, including civilizational collapses. Accordingly, it predicts that the upcoming ‘Great Divide’ will create the four major human-swarms on the planet: Systematics, Visionaries, Executives and Time-drifters.

Those swarms will be four gigantic metamorphoses constituted by multiple tribes-cities each united by their own unique artificial constructs. Systematics and Visionaries will be, as in our times, in the prevailing majority, with Executives and Time-drifters filling the rest of socio-economic niches. We can expect that on a world-scene those four swarms will coordinate their actions using a sequence of algorithmically achieved consensuses.

Most certainly, that future won’t provide the universal peace and prosperity, craftily pitched to us by sociopaths today. However, it will make our global human Socium more sturdy and less hostile to all individuals, independent of his / her immanent, natural traits by opening so many more life-paths to follow.

At present Evernomics states that it is not too late for us to make our minds and the choice is still ours — not that of the Entropy.

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