Evernomics And The Beast Of Surplus-Value (The Extract from ‘Colors Of Evernomics’)

SVET is Light, by Svet and Victor

Marx’s ‘Labour-Power’ is the Fantastic Beast which lives hidden inside of all workers. When Marx’s man comes to his work place that Beast transforms his body into the ultimate producer’s shape which would use any means to give his best to the production purposes.

“Taking the exchange of commodities as our basis, our first assumption was that capitalist and labourer met as free persons, as independent owners of commodities; the one possessing money and means of production, the other labour-power.” [Karl Marx. Capital Volume One. Chapter 15. Section 3]

This Beast is simply fantastic in producing the ‘Absolute and Relative Surplus-Value’, which it does in no time and the best way under all imaginable circumstances, specially when being provided by improved tools. However, then the Capitalist appears to take the Surplus-Value from the paws of the Beast, living that man with only small ends to support its miserable existence.

Naturally, Marx elaborated, the reduction of working-day, put forward by the ‘Factory Inspectors, directly under the Home Secretary’ [Karl Marx. Capital Volume One. Chapter 10. Section 2] can do nothing to protect the Beast-Man against the Capitalist’s Greed. The Fantastic Beast is just too good. It alway manages to squeeze the Surplus-Value into every moments of its production activity, which leaves a man with no choice but to surrender this Surplus anytime the Capitalist materializes in front of him.

Accordingly, if we part a man from his Beast then the formation of the Value becomes the Mystery. Unless, of course, we also part the Value from a man.

Let us suppose that the value exists not as a beast inside of a man but as the one outside of him. The value is the consensus about the significance of all things relative to the size of ‘an average man’. Man’s size determines all his vital necessities. Lack of one of those necessities leads to the man’s misery. As a man evolves in time, that evolution attunes his emotions to subconsciously avoid a state of the necessities’ deficit.

Attuned emotional apparatus provides a man’s brain with positive chemical stimuluses while confronted by things which might help him to avoid this deficit. Consciously, a man associates the high value with intense positive stimuluses and vice versa.

However, because ‘Man is by nature a social animal; an individual who is unsocial naturally and not accidentally is either beneath our notice or more than human’ [Aristotle, Politics, Book 1, Section 1253a], he (man) is primarily influenced not by his own emotions but by the ‘collective standard emotional response’. It means that a man tends to value more those things which are chosen by the majority ‘emotional voting’ or by the ‘value consensus’.

‘Additionally, as we all know, ‘New species have appeared very slowly, one after another, both on the land and in the waters.’ [Charles Darwin, On the Origin of Species, Chapter 10]. That makes man’s basic set of emotional responses (and, consequently, the ‘value consensus’) relatively historically homogeneous.

That is what Evernomics states.

For continuation check out Colors Of Evernomics (https://svjatoslavsedov.medium.com/colors-of-evernomics-c1d60d300699)

For more: http://evernomics.com/




Angel Investor (20+ years), Serial Entrepreneur (14+ companies), Author (> 1M views), Founder of Evernomics, 40+ Countries

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Angel Investor (20+ years), Serial Entrepreneur (14+ companies), Author (> 1M views), Founder of Evernomics, 40+ Countries

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