Evernomics And The Oral Stage Capitalism

SVET is Light, by Svet and Victor

Evernomics gets itself some unconscious adepts :)

Thanks to @stanta, who has recently attracted my attention to ‘Paying Salaries to Scientists Using Prediction Markets on Blockchain’ paper, I’ve been surprised to realize that some folks begin to slowly wake up from their breastfeeding-baby naps.

Quote: ‘So, provided that somebody placed a collateral in the future, we can withdraw the conditional token in present, that is we have effectively a mean of transferring money from the future.’

Exactly, but so laughable non-imaginative.

Authors of that paper are happily splashing in their bath tubes, reaching to microscopic bread-crumpets floating around them in a soapy warmish water, remaining, however, unmoved by history-changing opportunities, which Evernomics opens to entrepreneurs.


Naturally, it will take some time for all of us in the crypto-space to step up from the Oral Stage Capitalism, when our prime source of an interaction with the World occurs primarily through our bodily input-output devices and to face our destiny, which is to free the humanity from the time constraints, imposed on it by current, primordial, hand-to-mouth economic paradigms.

Until then Evernomics will make its best to serve you as the source of a perpetual solace :)

Link: https://eips.ethereum.org/assets/eip-3267/science-salaries.pdf

Source: http://evernomics.com/



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