Evernomics By Multirialization

2 min readDec 30, 2021
SVET is Light by Svet and Victor

Evernomics states that a living construct (including a human being) realizes its main principle of existence (la raison d’etat) by striving for the Eternity abstracting itself, first, into the Artificial and, then, into the Institutional Construct. Such an ‘abstraction’ means, in fact, the centralization and consists in self-alienation from a critical decision making processes by its outsourcing to a consensus body.

As an Institutional Construct reaches its saturation point, when no more living constructs can be absorbed without violating other Constructs’ integrity, a war begins. Its outcome is defined by the game theory applied within technological limits imposed by the current Generational super-cycle.

A war leads to an absorption or, less often, to an annihilation of competing constructs, within which living ones can’t be recreated and must be replaced. That contradicts to ‘la raison d’etat’ and, accordingly, must be subverted by preventing Institutional Constructs from reaching the apocalyptic saturation stage. That might be accomplished by the decentralization and, then, by limiting existing and new constructs growths. However, limits begets guardians (or new and bigger constructs) and the decentralization opens doors to the chaos.

Multirialization means that instead of imposing limits on Institutional Constructs’ growth we allow for a creation of as many as of the new ones as materially possible. As a results a saturation point is lowered and a war becomes frequent and cheap limiting its destructive capacities. Moreover, due to severe restraints imposed by constructs’ competition on material resources and on living constructs’ availability a war disintegrates into stages between which a fast re-creation is possible. As technologies progress, increasing Constructs costs-efficiency, a war stops to be kinetic and cataclysmic, becomes productive, necessary and, eventually, the Eternal One.

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