Evernomics Distractors

SVET is Light, Authored by Svet and Victor

All popular economics theories were brought to the public attention by the Institutional Constructs (state governments, political parties, corporations, academies, public organizations etc.)

The main goal of institutional economics theories is to prolong the existence of those Constructs indefinitely on the expense of subordinated living beings. Consequently, all of those those theories are anti-human by nature.

Institutional theories are causing the major distraction of world population’s attention from its natural Deeps, which leads to the universal misery and countless humans’ sufferings. From point of those theories’ view humans are simple subjects of productive activities of numerous Institutional Constructs.

According to those theories the main purpose of all economical activities is to supply Institutional Constructs with necessary supplies to prolong its existence by the way of maximization of productive outputs and minimization of expenses. All institutional theories consider Humans as Expenses.

At the same time, none of those theories answer the two vital questions: What are humans? and What must be the necessary nature of their economic interactions, which will perpetuate living beings existence?

Answering those two questions is the main subject of Evernomics.

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