SVET Is Light, Authored bySvet and Victor.

Living Constructs create Artificial ones, which forms Institutional Constructs. Those, then, transform into Natural Constructs. Natural Constructs live in the Eternity. The Purpose of Living Constructs is to be transformed into Natural Constructs by going through stages of Artificial and Institutional Constructs.

Natural Constructs, such f.e. as Solar system, Earth or its Continents, go through the Existence Rhythms, which determine life-cycles of Institutional Constructs. The better an Institutional Construct adapts to a specific Natural Construct — the longer becomes its life-span.

The smaller is an Institutional Construct — the better capacity for the successful transformation into a Natural Construct it possesses. However, because smaller Institutional Constructs are composed from a smaller number of Living and Artificial Constructs, the probability of its sudden collapse is higher. Institutional Constructs, which reaches and keeps an optimal (Organic) size relevant to a given Natural Construct, has a higher chance to be transformed into it and to exist in the Eternity.

The Organic size of an Institutional Construct is the maximin — the highest adaptability to Natural Construct’ Rhythms of the minimum number of Living Constructs, allowing for the Institutional Construct Rhythms’ Eternity.

Earth’s Existence Rhythm extends to one billion years, which consists of 40 thousands Precession Rhythms (25 thousands years each). Precession Rhythms changes from Planet to Planet, which requires recalibration of Rhythms (f.e. on the Mars, one Precession Rhythm lasts 84,000 years). Each Earth’s Precession Rhythm has sixteen Deep Rhythms. Each Deep Rhythm has twelve ‘Two Thousands Years’ main Rhythms (2K-Rhythms) and four ‘Two Hundred Fifty Years’ intermediary Rhythms (250-Rhythms).

2K-Rhythm consists of eighty Generational Rhythms, while 250-Rhythm includes ten of them. The Institutional Construct Rhythm is twenty five years. During that time Living Constructs, which together with Artificial Constructs forms Institutional Constructs, are renewed (the younger generation of human beings replaces the preceding generation — older peoples).

Evernomics studies the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services of Living, Artificial and Institutional Constructs in their Planetary Existence Rhythms Succession, mainly, that of the Earth.

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