Generational Crunch

3 min readMar 17, 2022
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The Generational Crunch theorem states that one generation doesn’t succeed another organically — it happens only violently. Generations do not flow — they crunch. It means that every 30 years or so a new wave of young sociopaths rebuild walls and widen a moat around their power castles, on our expense, making its impenetrable for governing paradigm’s changes, again.

It perpetuates the medieval kings-presidents-representatives governing model, which keeps regularly upsetting big time our lives right up to present days.

Most peoples can’t fathom that simple theorem because of the temporal myopic. A passing time keeps reinforcing that fatal governance mechanism. It creates a doomsday loop, which no one knows how to break. However, there is still one ‘how’ left to us — just to break it once and for all.

We have a good excuse for our social ineptitude, of course. During a past couple of thousands years sociopaths have managed to learn a thing or two about how to hide their hideous faces under the mask of the ‘meritocracy’ and to exchange ‘court intrigues’ to ‘fair political competitions’. Would that excuse be a solace to us when our world goes ups-boom?

That is why, now, when three dominant Constructs, ruled by elders fighting their younger contesters, start to slowly crush into each other risking to extinguish so many humans lives at once, we still can’t apply our collective push to a longest lever. Instead, we, again, beat the hell out of each other, obedient to our ‘beloved leaders’ allowing them to rule us to brainless actions. Naturally, it’s helped by centralized medias allowing each of us to be on a ‘good side’ and to fight a ‘right / left cause’.

At the same time, there is absolutely no difference under which banner we — peoples on the continental ground — will go into the nuclear oven — that of a ‘fascist regime’ or of a ‘representative democracy’. Why not to try something drastically different?

For example, to get rid of all those ‘rulers’ and to start using technologies instead of hereditary bureaucracies to synch our individual actions? Anyway, it has already become obvious that all other scenarios are no less risker.

Do not also forget that, when we all go to play ‘Cambrian extinction’, all ruling sociopaths from both sides be hiding their and their siblings fat bodies into the concrete reinforced Raven Rock / Ural’s bunkers or be flying private jets into New Zealand Under-the-Mountain resorts. Do not think for a second that ‘we all are sitting in the same boat’ — not at all.

So, why not to send all of those ‘representatives’ under their rocks now, where they belong, before it’s too late?

Do we really want to pay so high price — going to the nothingness — for our historic short-sightedness, for our inability to change the simplest thing of all — the way we live our own lives?

Please, think about that the next time you watch a ‘chief-of-something’ teaches you how to behave from within that expensive flat-big-screen of yours.

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