Institutional Constructs Against Peoples

SVET is Light, by Svet and Victor

Technological progress threatens Institutional Constructs’ existence.

In response Institutional Constructs tend to install highly controlled environments by introducing repressive ‘anti-crisis’ measures and oppressive regulations. As a result the most revolutionary, ground breaking innovations become, either, directly controlled by Institutional Constructs or banned. This leads to drastic slow-down of social and economic improvements of peoples lives. Repetitions of that crisis-suppression cycle creates the negative feedback loop in the long-run. It converts Institutional Constructs into peoples’ enemy number one.

Institutional Constructs are made from the living beings. That leads to innumerable individual sufferings as Institutional Constructs selves-preserve by cycling through human flesh and blood. At the same time, creating Institutional Constructs is the inevitable result of Living Constructs striving for the Eternity.

Strategic interactions among Institutional Constructs control their size preventing from its self-organizing into the one spontaneous order, which might subordinate all living beings into the world-size ant-house.

A collective behavior, which is the main characteristic of living constructs, encourages peoples to engage into a recurring process of Institutional Constructs’ creation. That constitutes the crucial part of the technological progress. By controlling collective behaviors Institutional Constructs avoid a competition from part of newly created Constructs and attempt to reach for the Eternity.

Motivating the progressive, self-regulating forms of collective behaviors is one of the most important survival tools of Living Constructs.

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