SVET is Light, by Svet and Victor

Here are sixteen Deeps’ questions groups, which SVET Authors have to relate while rating NFTs:

1st Deep is the ‘Safety’. How secure is the underlying NFT network / protocol?

2nd Deep is the ‘Vigor’. It relates to NFT collectibles breeding series, like Kitties. How scalable is that NFT collection? Is breeding allowed? How many different NFT versions can be created? Does the underlying NFT platform allows for a drastically increased throughput and to what degree?

3rd Deep is the ‘Esthetic’. How attractive / beautiful is that NFT art / design?

4th Deep is the ‘Transparency’. It relates to NFT collectibles breeding series. How the underlying NFT protocol / platform is governed? Are there DAO? Can NFT protocol / platform rules be unilaterally changed? If there are NFT community then how that community is governed?

5th Deep is the ‘Strangeness’. How unique / rare is that NFT?

6th Deep is the ‘Volume’. How large is the potential market for that NFT? How many people could potentially be interested? How big is the potential size of that NFT community?

7th Deep is the ‘Empathy’. How large is the NFT current community? How many members does it include? How enthusiastic is that community about this NFT?

8th Deep is the ‘Time-stamp’. How old is that NFT? Is it capable to attract younger holders? Does it already have a ‘legendary’ status?

9th Deep is the ‘Solution’. Does that NFT generate some additional profits, besides price appreciation?

10th Deep is the ‘Validity’ or ‘Vintage’. Does that NFT allows its user to legally claim the ownership on the underlying assets?

11th Deep is the ‘Equity’. What is the total amount of funds which has already been invested into that NFT collection?

12th Deep is the ‘TuneSmith’. How is the Author of that NFT?

13th Deep is the ‘Sustainability’. Have there been some significant price drops for that NFT in the past? How stable have been that NFT’s price in the past?

14th Deep is the ‘Valor’. What is the price rising potentials of that NFT? Has its price already significantly increased since NFT’s inception / minting?

15th Deep is the ‘Engagement’. How many holders does that NFT have? Can that NFT be used (f.e. in games)?

16th Deep is the ‘Transactions’. Is that NFT transferable? How many transfers has that NFT already had?

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