Traitors and Heroes, Just Let Us Go.

2 min readApr 26, 2024

Watching “Traitors” — the documentary about Russia in the 1990s and how it has evolved 30 years later, gave me a reason to remind all of us in crypto why we stand for decentralization, algorithmic governance, and privacy.

The world’s history has taught us one thing: both traitors and heroes are power-hungry maniacs who strive to gain control over us — the doers, inventors, entrepreneurs, creators, educators, investors, workers, farmers — in short, all those who produce something, not destroy or smear. Once gaining power through charisma, iron will and their sometimes well-intended propaganda, they will tax us and restrict us to satisfy their personal greed and various dubious ideologies.

“Traitors” may be viewed as a revealing truth by some or as a “hipstory”, told by talented “hypestorians”, by others, but we must understand that it is a weapon used by the younger power-hungry generation against the older power-mongers. Regardless of the sincerity of the authors or the importance of the cause they stand for, it is essential to recognize that it is not only a piece of mass-influence but also a tool in a their internal power struggle.

Does this make traitors less repulsive or heroes less attractive? Does it diminish the worthiness of the causes both sides fight for? Not at all. Heroes will always be heroes, traitors will always be traitors, and the peace-no-war cause will always be sacred. However, we must not allow ourselves to be subdued and controlled like cattle in a meat factory. Not again.

Those megalomaniacs claim that without their talents, visions, and leadership, we cannot self-organize, move forward, or live independently? They are mistaken. Yes, we can.

They argue that our ideas of self-governance are utopian despite evidence showing that smaller, decentralized systems are more efficient socially, economically and technologically as well as more fair than larger, centralized ones? Once again, they are wrong. We simply need the opportunity to pursue our path while they follow theirs. They will be a thing of the past, while we strive towards the future — embracing risk, the unknown, and liberty for all like never before.

We proved our worth by developing technologies worth trillions which now eliminate the need for their representatives, regulators, and motivators. We can govern, legislate, and motivate ourselves without their interference. It is time for them — “politicians” of all sorts — to step aside and let us — self-governing, networking individuals — to forge our own destiny.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.




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