WhiteHeart Review and SVET Rating

Edgar Degas (fragment)

As 2021 heats up it becomes a bit challenging to keep up with latest developments. So my new reviews start to be outdated long before I publish them. Frustrating. Here’s the example of the WhiteHeart (WHITE), which prices get from 1k to 4k in a month since I first draft-review it.

Whiteheart presents itself the development of the bonding curve contracts themes, upon which such platforms as Hegic are built. A bonding curve contract issues its own tokens through buy and sell functions. To buy tokens, users sends ETH to the buy function which calculates the average price of the token in ETH terms and issues it back to an user with the correct amount. The sell function works in reverse: first users provides the bonding contract with permission to take the amount of tokens he wants to sell (function — ERC20.approve() ) and triggers the function to take those tokens from himself.

Additionally, imho, an easy to remember, as well as unusually poetic and, at the same time, meaningful protocol name — WhiteHeart (Was it named after the 1980th Christian rock band? :) — deserves an honorable mention. (Singularity is a)

Market of options in DeFi is small at the moment but its size has a large growth potential with such a traditionally hight market volatility indicating that most traders will be willing to fly for safety option provided by WhiteHeart contract. (Volume is a)

With only 3,268 Twitter Followers and no presence in Telegram, Reddit or Medium this project has a lot of media ground to cover. However, a dis-proportionally large number of likes and retweets indicates the high level of users emotional involvement with WhiteHeart. (Empathy is a-).

With a new wave of freshly baked millennials traders expected to join our crazy army in 2021 in anticipation of prices further increases the proposed protocol timing is as good as it can get. (Timing is a).

Result for WhiteHeart Vision (Singularity — Volume — Empathy — Timing): a / a / a- / a

PS: you might also say that as alts start to moon the bullishness fever is gradually taking on over all reviewers, including yours truly. so it might be good time to sell :) (not a financial advise:))

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