Working With Zombies

Here is the riddle:

  • they control us but no one control them;
  • no one put them in charge but they put themselves in charge of everything;
  • everyone responds to them but they do not respond to no one;
  • they are not working but it is not possible to get rid of them.

What are they?

Google Quotes: ‘ lists 137 executive agencies’. ‘There are 14 departments of the Australian Government’. ‘There are currently 23 ministerial departments, 20 non-ministerial departments and 413 agencies and other public bodies in UK’. ‘The federal cabinet of Germany consists of 14 ministers (and ministries)’. ‘Currently there are ten (10) federal regulatory agencies in Brazil’. etc. There are 197 countries (‘recognized’). The number of ‘agencies’ running our World is already in thousands and keeps growing.

Here is the multiple choice question:

Is that possible to run the World without them?


  • No.
  • Hell, No.
  • What the Stupid Question That Is.
  • Enemies Will Get Us.
  • Bridges Will Collapse And Chaos will Rain.
  • Every One Asking It Must Be Found And Punished On The Spot.
  • All That Is Not Serious.
  • I Do Not Care.
  • What is the World?
  • I Do Not Know.

More questions:

  • Don’t we all feel in our hearts that we, as the human race, deserve better than that and can do much better than that?
  • Haven’t we, humans, figured out multiple times how to re-invent ourselves?
  • Is that the rocket science to reach a consensus among ourselves?
  • Are we running out of time to do that?
  • Do we have technologies to do that?
  • Do we have a courage to do that?
  • Do we have a small spot on the Globe where we can do an experiment?
  • Do we want to continue working with zombies?

Please, send your answers to

Thank you!



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